EBA publishes new DPM and XBRL taxonomy for remittance of supervisory reporting as of 30 June 2015

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published on 02 March 2015 a new XBRL taxonomy to be used by competent authorities for remittance of data under the EBA Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on supervisory reporting. The new taxonomy will have as reference date 30 June 2015 onwards and will be used for the first reports on additional liquidity monitoring metrics and supervisory benchmarking. COREP, FINREP, asset encumbrance, funding plans, additional liquidity monitoring metrics and supervisory benchmarking.

Press release about DPM and XBRL taxonomy here

Webpage with all the DPM and XBRL related information here

Press release about ITS (regulation) here

(EBA) Although primarily intended for use in data transmission between competent authorities and the EBA, authorities may choose to use the proposed XBRL taxonomy or a similar one for collecting data from credit institutions and investment firms in Europe.

According to the principle of proportionality, not all the declarers need to fulfil all the templates. Also, different National Competent Authorities may request slightly  different XBRL implementations (filing rules, additional data, and so on).

See here an example of RECEX customized with a subset of EBA Asset Encumbrance version 2.3

If you may be interested in a customized RECEX solution for your particular case, please do not hesitate in contact